How to Conquer Writer’s Block: Tip 20

I think of writing as a meditative state, where you enter a contemplative place that is still and quiet, even if the actual setting is noisy. And for a children’s author, it’s often easier to access a feeling and a voice, consistent with the age of your main character, while in this meditative state.

Consistency is a key word here–for me it’s important to write at the same time each day, at the same desk, and often in the same old clothes. OK, the same type of old clothes–comfortable. My point is that the meditative state kicks in when the surroundings are comfortably familiar and predictable. This makes it likelier that I will focus on what I DO, naturally and habitually, at 9am, at an old desk, in jeans or pajamas, rather than something I have to BE (i.e. A Good Writer).

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