How to Conquer Writer’s Block: Tip 28


Here something from the SO terrific Jennifer Ziegler, whose new book SASS AND SERENDIPITY, will be coming out tomorrow! Can’t wait! Her tip dovetails nicely with my Writing is Circular not Linear Theory, and she gives two reasons why applying the theory works:

Jennifer says:
“Skip the section that is giving me fits and move on to one that isn’t. There is no rule that you have to write chapters in linear order. Often I will leave gaps in my draft. This allows two things to happen: 1.) I don’t waste time and energy on a difficult scene and get so frustrated that I start to doubt myself or the project; and 2.) By continuing to write, I build up momentum. This momentum increases as I move through the draft. Soon I’m so immersed in the story’s “universe” it is easy to go back and write those abandoned sections. NOTE: This works best if you are following an outline.”

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