How to Conquer Writer’s Block: Tip 29


Something miraculous happens when you stuff a manuscript in a drawer: it marinates! When you read it again after a long while, it has much more depth and is so well-written, you hardly recognize your own writing! For me, nothing conquers writer’s block better than re-reading a manuscript and discovering I was much too hard on myself. Distance and time serves to tame our mean, wild, heartless (and often near-sighted and tone-deaf) inner critic.

Popular picture book author AUDREY VERNICK put away her manuscript. When she returned to it, her story had marinated into something eminently publishable: her charming, poignant and lovely first novel, WATER BALLOON, about friendship and first love. It is due out from Clarion in September. She describes how it all came to be on her fabulous blog Literary Friendships.

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