How to Conquer Writer’s Block Tip 35


Friends are golden, and often the key to curing writer’s block.

I doubt if I could have published anything at all, without the support of my friends from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, especially those in L.A.

My agent-mates at the Erin Murphy Literary Agency are an amazingly encouraging group.

The other night my good friend Gretchen Woelfle, children’s author of the lovely novel ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE and other books, came by for dinner and wine. The evening resulted in inspirational sparks for both of us.

The creative life is solitary. It’s so important to know that my literary friendships are out there when I need them. Only another writer understands my writing life.

My friend Audrey Vernick, author of the novel WATER BALLOON,( which is receiving great reviews!) has an inspiring blog devoted to this subject, sustaining me each week.

And this great post arrived this morning, about the literary friendships of writers of classics from other eras. Among other valuable tips: friendships are negatively impacted by opium-smoking, stealing of one another’s partners, career jealousy, and drowning.

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