How to Conquer Writer’s Block: Tip 41

iStock_000007871357XSmall-330FIND WAYS TO SURPRISE YOURSELF
I have found the element of surprise to be the most enjoyable part of the writing process. I have great faith that I will eventually be surprised by something totally unplanned and tinged, almost, with a whiff of magic. This knowledge helps get me through those periods when I feel I having nothing of worth to say–I write towards the surprise I know is coming. Certain techniques help instigate surprises. One of these techniques is the use of the omniscient voice, which I used liberally in my novel ONE DAY AND ONE AMAZING MORNING ON ORANGE STREET. It’s as if I were being guided by a friendly puppeteer, moving me in unexpected ways. Uma Krishnaswami also uses voice creatively and experimentally in her wonderful novel THE GRAND PLAN TO CHANGE EVERYTHING. Together she and I have a grand time discussing the surprises of the writing process on her blog, Writing with a Broken Tusk.

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