How to Conquer Writer’s Block: Tip 45


READ: Of course this is a general precept for life! However, when I am between projects, I REALLY read, almost constantly, especially children’s literature. I immerse myself in words, themes, voices, humor, multiple settings, multiple genres, and let the words wash over me like a warm bath. It actually feels like that, especially because baths were part of my childhood, as was the feel and smell of the library on a rainy day, endless reading hours on our couch, and gobbling Oreos as I gobbled words (as many as I wanted, in those days…) The point of it all is to recapture the sheer wonder and fun of reading! This reading binge inspires me and translates, very, very often, into a writing project, as used to happen when I was a young person, wanting to extend the reading experience a bit longer.

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