How to Conquer Writer’s Block: Tip 52


Here’s a tip from the wonderful writer and perennially prolific Ann Whitford Paul, author of (among many, many books) WRITING PICTURE BOOKS: A Hands-on Guide From Story Creation to Publication.

“Having trouble writing? No ideas? Take an object, any object–a wooden
block, a paper clip, an empty glass . . . it doesn’t matter what and start
listing 10 observations or thoughts you have about it. When you’ve finished
10, write ten more, then ten more. Keep on doing this until something
niggles you that you want to write about. I did this yesterday with a white
thumb tack–Somewhere in the thirties I started thinking about
snow–continuing through the forties I remembered what snow was like when I
was a kid–the way snow clumped on a scarf, the way my breath steamed and my
ears froze. I remembered hot chocolate and marshmallows, ice skating to
school and lots more. Living in Southern California I hadn’t thought about
snow for years. Before I knew it I was writing a poem. Try this exercise.
It just might cure your writing block.”

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