How to Conquer Writer’s Block: Tip 55


There’s a quote I love by author Daniel Manus Pinkwater. I love it so much it’s printed on a small plaque which I can move around my desk at will so I can see it from every angle. It’s this:

“My method and theory of art: I have this desk. When I spend a number of hours per day seated at it, I usually end up having written or drawn something. When I don’t sit, I don’t write or draw because when the writing or drawing comes around, I am fooling around with the dogs, talking on the phone, or fixing the stairs. My artistic production is of higher quality than my imagination, skill or intelligence would suggest, which leads me to believe that those faculties have very little to do with it. I would not take a million dollars for that desk.”

In other words, it’s the desk.

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