How to Conquer Writer’s Block: Tip 66

This post is not about having enough time to write, or having a space of one’s own. Rather it is about how I prefer to assign myself the writing task for the day. A certain amount of hours at the desk, or a certain number of pages to be written? The latter assignment is what works for me, (specifically, a minimum of 3 typewritten pages) and frankly, I find it liberating. It allows me the flexibility of completing my pages at any point during the day, and is incredibly do-able. For me, conceptualizing my task as a matter of “space” and not “time” alleviates anxiety. It especially works during the rough draft stage, when the story is so amorphous. And I give myself permission to write badly. Sometimes the writing is awful, something it’s better than I’d thought it would be. But whatever the quality, it’s always helpful. Perhaps it’s something to keep for a future chapter, or an addition to a previous one. Often concepts and plot turns appear unexpectedly on the page, to be refined at another session.

This tip is yet another variation on that all -important theme: Just Write.

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