How to Conquer Writer’s Block: Tip 68


This tip means what it says. Just Show Up. I just show up at my working project once a day, and I don’t even have to write. Showing up involves writing notes, brainstorming, reading over what I’ve written, research, thinking, OR writing, but not necessarily. It means keeping alive “the waking dream” of my story or novel or essay or nonfiction piece, and it does mean every single day. My waking dream, which is the collaboration of the conscious with the unconscious, is important to activate and reactivate. Otherwise my ideas, not to mention my interest and desire, can disappear like a cloud. Of course too many days of just showing up and not actually writing is a sign that something else is going on for me. But when my writing is going reasonably well, every now and then I find that I still can’t access my two pages for the day. But I still Show Up.

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