How to Conquer Writer’s Block: Tip 73

Mimi at Rest

Mimi at Rest


Well, here I am posting after almost 3 months. Why so long? Because, thankfully, I was NOT affected by writer’s block and was working diligently on deadline. But my best tip, still, is that writers need a pet or two to keep them going. Allergies? No problem. A pet rock will do–just love it with all your heart.

My pets offer me solace, loads of laughs, an idea or two for a story, and are mostly uncritical when I read them my work. No biting comments; they merely leave the room. And, during the creation of my new middle grade, FLEABRAIN LOVES FRANNY, one of my pets thoughtfully gave me a bad case of fleas, which proved useful in creating atmospheric realism.

They are also superb models of relaxation, as the photo attests.

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