How to Conquer Writer’s Block: Tip 74

When I’m deep into a project I have blog block, which I suppose is not a bad thing. The copyedited version of my next middle grade novel, FLEABRAIN LOVES FRANNY, due in August, is done. I think I myself was absent during this period, as I deeply submerged myself in my characters (one of which is a brilliant flea. Don’t ask. O.K., ask…)

I overeat when I’m inside a project. I don’t believe all of it is stress. I think it’s a way to remind myself that I’m still around, as if my psyche were saying, ‘Hey, feed me, too!” Because now that I’m out of my head and into the real world, I’m strangely not hungry. Okay, less hungry.

Perhaps I’m rationalizing. I do indulge when I’m writing. It helps keep me happy. Perhaps next time, next book, I’ll ration the chocolate. Perhaps.

Here’s my friend Emily Polsby’s blog entitled “Chocolate: Where the Stories Come From.’ It works! Emily writes wonderful stories…


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