How to Conquer Writer’s Block: Tip 78, and a recipe


Another cooking metaphor, (sorry) in line with my upcoming 9/13 NCA SCBWI workshop “Cooking the Middle Grade Novel”. I’m a firm believer in allowing flavors and ingredients to meld, whether it be in the stew pot, bread dough, or sauces. Or in a story. And that means Time–time to wander around the house daydreaming, time to let your ideas and details sit on the page while you go on to the next page, time to put away your rough draft to allow it to “meld.” I believe that the mind is “cooking” your story even if you don’t see the results immediately; I always have faith in the work of my unconscious. The proof is in the pudding (sorry…another one) because I always get a story no matter how many stops and starts occurred while creating it.

False advertising about that recipe, though. The world’s best Pomodoro Sauce is in my friend Dianne Jacob’s upcoming The United States of Pizza, with chef Craig Priebe. You mix simple, luscious ingredients in a bowl and let them sit for just an hour. The book isn’t out until 2015, and the recipe is secret until then, even though I was privy to it… But there are other wonderful sauces in all of Dianne’s cookbooks. Meanwhile, here is a photo of that wonderful sauce. Melding.

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