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How to Conquer Writer’s Block: Tip 58

THE PURPOSE OF PROCRASTINATION? It feels like procrastination, but perhaps it isn’t…and if it is procrastination, then maybe it’s necessary. I find that there are a number of tasks I perform in the morning which must get done–coffee, dog feeding, breakfast, newspaper editorials, cat litter, bed-making, stretching exercises…perhaps one or two more. They are always… Read more »

How to Conquer Writer’s Block Tip 38

One of the most prolific children’s authors I know is Gretchen Woelfle, whose most recent work is her wonderful debut novel, a work of historical fiction, ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE: A NOVEL IN FIVE ACTS. Here is Gretchen, with a solution so obvious, I forgot to mention it! “I suffer from procrastination. Well, that’s… Read more »