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How to Conquer Writer’s Block: Tip 42

COURAGE Courage relates closely to Ego Strength and Faith, characteristics needed by any writer, as discussed in previous tip posts. Often, just telling yourself that yes, you possess courage, almost magically allows it to emerge. I believe that the courage to express yourself in your own inimitable way is a prime requisite for the development… Read more »

How to Conquer Writer’s Block Tip 36

WHO IS YOUR AUDIENCE? THE ANSWER MAY SURPRISE YOU. I’m going to answer this question only as it relates to writer’s block. There is only one answer. The members of the audience when writing fiction are the characters in your story. They are listening to you and you are listening to them, and writing what… Read more »

How to Conquer Writer’s Block: Tip 11

READING FOR VOICE Many advice-givers tell writers to just forge ahead when writing the first draft, not stopping to correct and/or change. I agree. But if my story is character-driven (which it almost always is) characters have distinctive “voices”. So every morning I skim what I’ve already written, to review the tone and cadence of… Read more »